Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time to go

I got accepted for another semester in GGU. Yay. Some of my friends didn't, which sucks and they only got word of it a few hours before the final closing ceremony. You can imagine how overwhelming this would have been for those who weren't accepted. Everything they had planned for the upcoming 6 months had to be changed in only a few days, some even in a few hours. The university administration told one of our friends 4 hours before she had to leave for her plane to go home for the holidays, that she wasn't accepted, that she shouldn't bother coming back and don't leave any stuff behind. Can you imagine how impossible it was to do all this in only a few hours. The school knew about this weeks in advance, but they just didn't bother to tell us up until the last second and without giving any reason...

It's a good school, but when we have nothing more to offer, we become worthless and they will treat us accordingly.

To my friends from Belgium who might visit me: It's already impossible to fit all my stuff into my suitcases, so it would be nice if we could arrange something, so I could transfer some of my stuff over to you guys (a)

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