Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sunday 5th - Thursday 9th

Like I told you not much has happened. I have a boring life in Belgium, so that will not change in any country ^^.

I wrote down 'folder', but I forgot what I wanted to right about that, so I hope I remember by the time I finish. I told you about the English partnership program. Well since the Korean students had to fill out a paper with the hours they want to study English every week and which teacher they would like to have, we held a party today to celebrate. Which was quite intimidating, since the korean-foreigner ratio was 4 to 1. But it wouldn't be korea if there wouldn't be soju and food to set the mood ^^. We still don't know who our students will be, but tomorrow we're getting a list so we can start contacting them and make up some good schedules (and some good lessons. I'm so glad I'm creative... Ow wait. I'm not <_<, but I guess it'll be okay.

We are also playing to do a movie night every week, showing a movie from every country to get everyone in contact with different cultures. Not sure about the movie I'm going to choose, but it's not that I have a big list to choose from though.

The night call at 11.40 pm is becoming a real hastle and everybody is showing up a bit tired to class because of it. We will try to talk to the guy in charge, but as someone stated out, it's quite unfair to the other students if we, foreigners, aren't obligated to go to the night call anymore. (Well actually I don't care too much, since I'm usually still awake at that time).

Okay, I remember again why i wrote down 'folder'. I got this flyer about the program I'm following, so I'm not going to write it down. If you want some information about the program just ask. Basically it's 4 months of korean language training for free, meals, stay, ... everything is included, except for some small fees that you have to pay. Although you can earn the money back by taking part in the language partnership program, which I almost obligated, or they kinda expect you to anyway, but I guess and hope it'll be quite a nice experience. Especially if you have the amazing social skills I posses. If someone would be interested in learning Korean. Feel free to ask about it and if you don't want to come alone, I was thinking of doing another semester, since well, it's living for free for 6 months...

Some Korean info. The weather is changing really rapidly these days. It went from super hot to chilly in only a couple of days. It might be the tornado that passed by Korea, apparently they have tornado's in this country, but I think this is normal for Korea to change so fast. So I'm wondering where it will end... Ow wait... As I remember correctly I just walked outside (it's 23.55 now), with only a tshirt and I didn't feel cold and I'm sitting with the airco on, so maybe it's not as bad as I first thought, but still... it's getting colder these days though...

Ow and this cute couple went in the gym, while we were still there, to make out (well that's our guess anyway), so the guy pretended to come into the fitness (he was all dressed up with nice clothes, so as you could figure out easily, he didn't actually come to work out, but he just didn't want to lose face) to work out and they went away again after 5 minutes. Which is a thing I don't like about Korea though. You have to find a quiet place to just kiss your girlfriend, since it's not really accepted to do it in public, and the dormitories are not mixed either, so they can't go to each other's rooms either.

Missed the night call, because of this blog. I'm glad I noticed it at 11.44, so I could catch the caller before he left.
Anyway. That's it for now. Talk to you later ^^

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  1. "I was thinking of doing another semester"

    gaat gij ooit afstuderen?:p