Friday, September 3, 2010

Tuesday August 31st

Today I finally arrived at the university at a 3-4 hour journey. The taxi was way too expensive though (20.000 won, while bus would be 1.200 won), but as it started pouring I'm glad I took it (not really, but this makes me feel better about the money). Arriving there, everything went quite smooth. I got my key, filled in some paperwork, payed whatever needed to be payed. My room was the biggest pigsty ever though, especially the bathroom and balcony. Basically I have a big room with 2 beds, ... well I don't wanna describe since I'm getting hungry. I'll show you the pictures when I get a camera, which would probably be next weekend when I will probably go back to Seoul. I hope the weather remains the same, because it has been so amazing I'd like to share that with you.

Basically our uni is a small university founded by the buddhist monks living just next to us on the hill. There is also a really famous temple nearby in the mountains from what I've heard. I might check it out one of these days. Almost everything is free, except for dormitory fee and insurance. We can play table tennis, badminton, fitness, basketball, soccer and it's all free. Karaoke room costs some money per song, but that's it and I saw people practice salmunori, so I'm going to ask Joey, the professor in charge of the international project if we might be able to join any of the club activities. I found a picture online about the surroundings, so I'll just post it here, so you can get an idea about the place I'm staying at.

As you can see, I'm at the countryside. I now understand what they meant by 'we offer you a place where you can fully concentrate on your studies'. You can since there is basically nothing around that can distract you. The 2 nearest cities being Nonsan and Daejeon are respectively 30 minutes and an hour from the university and busses drive only every hour.

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