Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tue September 14th - Wed September 15th

After the introductions on the 13th, the partnership has finally set off. I squeezed in 8 hours already. Basically I ended up with 2 groups of friends, which makes it so much more fun, since they know each other, they motivated each other, help each other. So in the end it's really fun to do and we all learn from it or at least practise a lot. With the 1 group I saw a movie and we discussed this. While getting to know the group, they agreed being just a bunch of otaku's, like me. So we even considered going to a Cosplay event in Busan one of these weeks. I hope I have a camera by then. I just have to! See Busan, go to a Cosplay event, ... All things that are on my to do list, so it'll be great to combine this with the partnership, because that means I get payed for it too ^^. The other group is more serious on the partnership. They want me to help them with their upcoming TOEFL test, which is a 'Test of English as a Foreign Language'-test. So they prepared essays to go through, to summarize, to talk about, ... but in the end we should ended up talking, so it wasn't a productive first session, but we had a lot of fun ^^. All my students are just amazing ^^. I guess my luck still hasn't run out yet ;)

These days have been fun, but they were really tiring too. We had a test, homework, the partnership, going to the gym, so I'm beat. The upcoming 10 days will not be much less tiring, I'm guessing, since we first have 3 days off for the field trip and then we have 2 days off like always and 3 more because it's a Korean holiday. Since I'm going to Seoul during Korean thanksgiving, I'll probably not be able to write much soon, so be patient and just miss me more ;) I know I miss you guys at home. Almost missed the roll call because of this blog, but I don't take the rules that serious anymore anyway. Since they put me on the list for breaking one of the rules and since I'm the perfect student, this doesn't make sense. Meh.

Anyway. Off to bed now and see you guys in some days.

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