Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday September 12th - Monday September 13th

I'll start off with a funny remark on the big cultural difference. I finally understand why Korean people always have toilet rolls hanging above their heads when they're eating. It's because the word 'tissue' and 'toilet paper' are translated to the same word in Korean, being 휴지, so they don't consider it strange to have toilet paper at the table. (fyi: They don't do this in restaurant, only in smaller places or on festivals.)

The English language partnership started and it's going much better as planned (which basically means, I don't have to do as much as I had thought to do). I'm meeting 2 girls for 2 hours, helping them with their essays (I don't know if this is such a good thing though, knowing how good my language skills actually are. But if it makes them happy and I get payed for it, I'm happily excepting it). The English teachers came up with the idea of making one big group, to make the work easier on the teachers and to give the students the opportunity to learn english is a more fun environment. I'm meeting my other 3 students during that session. Again 2 hours. I have a nice bunch of students, so I think this is gonna be fun :). Although they somehow like to call me 아저씨 instead of 오빠 <_<

I guess that's all that happened or at least what I remembered. Off to the gym now.

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  1. btw. assek de taak van da lesgeven kan verlichten (door essays na te lezen ofzo) willek da gerust doen. En gij mooget geld houden :o:o ;)