Friday, September 3, 2010

Wednesday September 1st

I finally met my roommate, which is a great guy I think. Not sure since I didn't get much chance to talk to him. He came in last night, packed half of his stuff, some of his friends came and I didn't see him the entire day. When I came back from my class he had fixed the air conditioner though and got some stuff to clean the bathroom from his home (which is near our university), so he's a good roommate.

Classes started, so we had to do an entrance exam, which was quite okay. All the people in the class are great too, I think I'm gonna have a great time here ;). You can see a big difference between living at a goshiwon in Seoul or living at a dormitory in the country side. In the goshiwon everybody just completely ignored me, but here everybody says hi to everybody. Not my style, but I'll get used to it. But in general everybody is really friendly. Only freshmen can be a pain in the ass from what I've heard, but that will change soon, when they go to the military and learn a bit about respect.

After class we explored the campus a bit. As expected a lot of places to study, but since we still didn't have any studying to do, we watch a movie at the cinema in our library. I think that one is free too, since nobody seemed to pay for anything. Or really cheap and the guy that got the movie payed for it.

At this university it's also possible/obliged to earn some money, by tutoring Korean students. We have to tutor for 4 hours in total to 4 different Korean students. Since I'm no native speaker, my English isn't perfect, I probably can't control them, they don't actually care themselves, but have to, etc I'm a bit afraid of the classes, but there are a few students here staying for their second semester, so I'll have a talk with them, they might be able to offer some good ideas. We are payed 800.000 won/about 533 Euro with this and have to do it for 11 weeks. So maybe I should watch the movie 'Please teach me English' again ^^


  1. DO IT! It would be a good way to make Korean friends as well in my opinion! ^^

  2. Hi. I wonder about studying in Geumgang and I have a question. You've mentioned tutoring Korean students for 4 hours... Is it 4 hours a day or in a week? And payment of 800.000 won is for every month or how does it work?