Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thursday September 2nd-Saturday September 4th

First real class, which was quite okay. I didn't have too much trouble. I don't really like the teacher though. I don't know why, it's just a feeling and apparently the other teacher is way better, teaching all these useful words and stuff. I can't really remember much else but studying.

Anyway, since I'm not in Seoul, I will probably not have something to write about every day, so I'll just stick to stuff worthy mentioning from now on.

After class we all went to Daejeon to buy needed stuff and pass some time, since it's weekend anyway. Daejeon is basically like a small version of Seoul and I think it's cheaper but I'm not sure. Nothing new discovered, except that on weekends the students all go home. They are encouraged to do so. I heard that's why Koreans tend to be quite independent even until they get quite 'old' compared to our standards, because their parents and especially their mothers tend to take care of them too much.

The uni actually became a ghost town. I think I only saw about 20 people except for the foreigners. Everybody just went home to their own families. So we had no trouble finding a quiet spot to study ^^.

[Lol, it's getting more and more like a public dictionary]

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