Saturday, July 31, 2010

August 1st-2nd

A big welcome from the future,
(which is actually a time paradox, since if I had written this in the future to be read in the past, I would have seen this article before I started writing it, thus making it impossible to actually write it, so it could never exist in the first place.)
-> This is for those who have seen season 1 of the Big bang theory ;)

Since I'm gonna pack my laptop after writing this, I will just end my blog here.
August 1st I will say goodbye to some of the friends I've made here.
August 2nd I'll be going back home, which you all know ;). I hope I get enough sleep on the plane to be good entertainment to both family and friends when I come back, since I will probably stay up all sunday night. But I guess it'll all work out as always :)

I'm glad you all thought I was interesting enough to read through it all. I probably wouldn't have written it all down otherwise. Sorry I didn't make any pictures after all, but I guess you all knew this would happen ;) Thanks for reading and talk to you soon :)

Bye ^^

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