Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31st


Since I'm packing atm (Packing, sitting behind my pc? Again. Sometimes I don't think it was worth bringing it along) -_- *Sigh* I'm off. I'll edit this later.


I'm as good as packed, my room is cleaned, so I'm ready to go.
Too be honest, I only payed up until august 1st and my plane leaves at august 2nd, so lets see how we can get this solved tomorrow ^^, but since I'm not going to Ocean world or Caribbean bay anymore on my last day in Korea, I still have time enough to get it solved <_<. *Hates the work-system in Korea*.

Today I didn't do shit again (be prepared to be bored). I just walked around for hours, looking at the people, the shops, ... for the last time. I'm gonna miss it all and I will probably never come back like this or in this situation. Walking around myeongdong and namdemun wasn't really the smartest to do, since I only have about 2500 won left in cash, which makes it quite impossible to buy anything at the vendors and with my next years in mind, I just didn't buy anything except for an expensive, yet tasteless cup of coffee. Let me correct that. It wasn't tasteless, it had taste, but a really crappy bitter one. When you see something that reminds you of your hometown you want to try it right? Like for instance a 'Dutch Amerikano', but yet again I was fooled by the alluring outside. It was just as bad as a normal Amerikano, but still I naively try it <_<. Since it was 5500 won I couldn't just throw it away either, so I drank the whole bit. -_- So I spend hours of looking at/thinking about things I wanted but couldn't have and after I just roatered (Which is roam + loiter ^^ @Joen: I made this mistake intentionally) about Seoul, mentally preparing to leave this place and return home.

(Warned you!)

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