Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14th


Today we made our own bibimbab (Mixed vegetables with rice) and dwenjejjige (Cabbage bean paste soup), which was quite easy though, really... If you want the recipe, I could scan it and send it (Not now, but when I'm back in Belgium). But I'm not making the second one any time soon, I don't like bean that much and I miss meat. Always so much vegetables :( 'It's good for your health', but I do miss the taste though, so I went for dwejikalbi today ^^.

After that we went to this traditional Korean house I had told you about before (Namsangol Hanok village). Somehow, every time I go somewhere, no matter if I've been there I discover something new. Like now, there were a lot of traditional Korean games, so I played some ^^. Quite fun though. 1 is even a traditional one in Europe I think (Hitting a round thing with a stick to keep it rolling. I've seen this before. Bad at it though.) and apparently they have this 'time capsul' at that place. On december 29 1994 Seoul had been the capital for 600 years, so they celebrated that by creating this big capsul and put a lot of stuff in it, like for example over 600 notes saying things about how the people in Seoul thought about their own life, about future life, etc... and after closing it up, they put it in the ground, not to be opened for the next 400 years. So when Korea celebrates the millenium for Seoul being the capital it will be opened up and the people in the year 2394 are able to read about the thoughts of the people of 1994.

After I met with a friend, who told me about places where couples go sometimes, like I told you about 'norebang' a room where you have a room with a personal karaoke. There also are DVD rooms, which apparently is a room, with a bed and a screen for couples to be able to watch a movie together. The third thing she told me about (We actually went to that place), was a PC bang, with is a room, filled with PC's, which have games on it, you can use to play online/together/online, whatever and it's quite cheap. We payed a bit less than 1.5 euro for something like 75 minutes, so that's quite nothing. I don't know about the prices in Belgium at these kind of places.

That's it, time for homework.



  1. "Today we meet our own bibimbab"
    en wa zei hij?;)
    srry dak zoveel verbeter maar et engrish is getting out of controoooooolllll

    even though it makes me lol^^

  2. You know I do it all for your lolz ;)