Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28th


Half our Korean class from Brussels met today ^^ (Half being me, biko and Ahmed with his girlfriend Jenny) at Namsan tower. Me, Biko, Yura, Jessica, Jessica's sister and Angela went up to meet with Ahmed and Jenny and to watch the view. The walk was quite steep, but it was really worth it. Especially with the view up there. A lot of people there, which kinda ruined the mood, but well, what are you gonna do about it. The first thing you notice in front of the tower is the immense amount of padlocks hanging on the railings. Combined per 2. The idea is that couples write some note down, either of them not knowing what is on the other one, locking the papers with 2 padlocks intertwined and after the key is either thrown away (which is forbidden, but everybody does it anyway. It's the idea that counts) or kept to be opened at a later date. But as Yura couldn't find her friends' locks and Ahmed and Jenny couldn't find theirs, you should just throw the key away, since it's quite impossible to find it. Especially since there are A LOT of locks. We went on the tower and saw the view which was quite amazing. You really have a great view of Seoul, but too be honest, I liked the view a bit lower, since there is no glass in between you and the view and there weren't as many people talking and shouting, ruining the mood. You even have a great view from the toilet btw ;)


  1. aha, a witty toilet-remark, me likes^^

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