Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 10-13th


Well since the 9th, this is the first time I actually had some time to sit down in my room. I only came home for sleeping and showering, so a lot has happened. Since it would take me a couple of hours to write it all down, I will just keep the memories inside my head. I'll try to update this blog more, but I see new stuff everyday, meet new people everyday, so I'm quite busy. Sorry you guys.

Ow. I have some bad and good news though. The good news would be me getting the scholarship at Geumgang's. So I can be in Korea for free for four months (This sentence made me lol). It might be in the middle of nowhere (I think), but I'm so looking forward to it. @Ula, if you are reading this. FOR FREE FREE:D, no just teasing you, but now it's certain where I'd be staying, to bad it's not near seoul, but you are always welcome if you want to see more of this part of Korea. The bad news (for you guys anyway) would be that I'll be going to Daegu this weekend. I will be going to Daegu to see Juyeon, so I will not be able to write anything down this weekend either. Sorry.

So this evening will be just watching some anime. I really missed that ^^

Talk to you soon!


  1. WAH!Congrats ont eh scolarship,no words to express how happy and jealous I am, liek seeing my own dream come true ^^;

  2. You obviously felt a need to tease me ;DD You lucky bastard!