Thursday, July 22, 2010

Korean Drinking Games

*** July 22nd ***
The games I know so far.

When you order a bottle of soju and you open it, you get something like this
Twist the tail and hit it with your finger. The one who hits the tail off has to drink 1 shot of soju.

That person is safe the next round though, since he/she can look in the cap and look at the number that's printed. It goes from 0 to 50, so everyone has to guess and the person that knows the number says 'higher' or 'lower'. Whoever guesses the number loses.

3. Titanic
You ask an extra beer glass, fill it with beer and let a soju glass float in the beer. Everybody has to pour some soju in it. The one that makes the glass sink has to drink the whole glass.

4. 31 game
Someone starts off the game by saying a number from 1 to 3 (If you chose 2, you have to say '1, 2', so all the number up until 31 have to be said. In Korean though, but it's easy. You can also play it in English, but I usually played it in Korean, which is a good way to practise your Korean number. The next game was even used during Korean class in Lithuania, but they didn't tell us it was originally a drinking game of course;)). The next one has to add 1, 2 or 3 to the number and count up until that. The one who say 31 drinks. You can chose the amount they have to drink. It depends what you're drinking at the time. It's for fun, so there basically are no real rules.

5. sam-yuk-gu gami (Which is basically just '3-6-9 game')
This is a good game to count your korean numbers, since you will basically just count. Someone starts off with 1, the next (Counterclockwise, but again, just as you prefer. You can change it to confuse people, so they have to drink if they go before there turn ;) ) says 2, 3, 4, ... BUT every number that has 'sam', 'yuk' or 'gu' in it (3, 6, 9) cannot be said out loud. The person that has to say either 3, 6, 9, 13, 16, 19, 23, 26, 29, ... has to clap instead of shouting the word. Since 30 also has 'sam' in it, you have to clap then too. So from 30 to 39 you have to clap at every number. This sounds easy right? But since 33 has 'sam' in it twice, you have to clap twice, same with 36 and 39. I guess it's the same with 60-69 and 90-99, but you will never get there. The one who gets it wrong drinks obviously.

Count the number of people you are drinking with. Imagine you would be drinking with the 5 of you, every number from 1 to 5 has to be called for. Someone (at random, at your own will) starts the game of by saying '1', someone else will reply with '2', so forth until 5 is said, but if you say the same number at the same time with someone else, you both have to drink. (When I learned this game we did a verbal test and only the loser drank, but it's not usual. Like for instance you say the worth 'tomato' saying 1 syllable each, which makes it get confusing and you'll get it wrong eventually, but it's more fun without it. If no numbers are said at the same time, the one that said '5' has to drink, since he was the slowest. Don't play this game with only the 3 of you, unless you wanna drink a lot fast;) (You start this game off at any time, by just shouting 'il' (1), even if you're playing something else. Someone will catch on and shout 2 and you're on. Like I said, just having fun, no rules)

I played this one in Lithuania. You start off with a cup, or glass or whatever. Again depends on what you're having and you have to pour something in it and pass it to the next one to pour some more in it. The one that makes the glass spill drinks, but since you are spilling all the time, I haven't seen this been played a lot.

If you are actually planning on playing this in Korea, but don't know the korean numbers, it's quite simple.
1: il
2: i
3: sam
4: sa
5: o
6: yuk
7: chil
8: pal
9: gu
10: shib
11: shib il
19: shib gu
20: i shib
30: sam shib
90: gu shib.

So you basically have to learn 10 numbers by heart and can count up until 99 ;)

Those are the one I can think of at the moment. Or at least the ones I remember.
You always eat when drinking, so you're quite alright, unless you really drink too much. Usually if you lose and you just drink a sip, or drink water or whatever, they're not angry. You know your own limits and like I said a lot already, it's for fun, so you can even play this with water if you want.

Some habits I learned about drinking in general are:
- The youngest has to pour (The youngest basically has to do everything in korea)
[This makes old people rude sometimes though. I met a really rude old guy in the subway the other day. You know how subways are busy and everybody needs to go somewhere quickly, so when you pass someone you sometimes don't know to go right or left. So the other day I saw this old man coming towards me and when I turned left, he turned left. When I turned right, he turned right. So to be safe, I just stood still, so he could easily pass me by without any problems, but when he saw that he paused for a second and didn't turn at all anymore, he just walked right into me, which was really rude, but when I told my friend about it, he said that that's normal. I'm much younger so I should have gotten out of his way, it's my obligation to. Don't think every old person in Korea is rude, because they are not, but you can have some though, so don't be surprised. I think it's because when they were young they did everything for the older generation, so they expect younger generation to do it back for them I guess. But like I said, this is not that bad in general.]
- You can't pour your own glass, someone will do it for you (So when you see an empty glass, be so kind to fill it up. Especially if you're the youngest.)
- When the boss/oldest picks up his/her glass, everybody has to drink, but the boss/oldest usually pays for it ;)
- If you drink in front of someone older than you, you hold your cup to the side, you don't face that person when drinking.

*** July 24th ***
Everybody holds their hands together with their thumbs on top. Then someone starts of the game by saying a number going from 0 to *number of people times 2*. At exactly the same moment as the person is saying the number, everybody, including that person, choose whether they put up 0, 1 or 2 thumbs (and do so). If the number that has been called for is the number of thumbs in the air, everybody except for the caller has to drink, if he/she failed to guess the right number, it's up to the next (counter clockwise) to guess a number. At this game a lot of people drink at the same time, but it can take a while to get the right number.

9. Catch the mouse.
This isn't explained as a drinking game, but if you just change 'getting hit by a hammer' by 'drinking' then it is ;)
This is quite a hard one to remember to be honest.

*** July 25th ***
Someone starts the game, it's not important who, but the person that starts has to say a number. It's not important which number, just don't go to high, you'll see why. When that person calls for a number everybody has to point at someone. It's not important at whom, just randomly. If the person said 5 you count up until 5 following the fingers. So the person the caller is pointing at is number 1, number 2 is the person number 1 is pointing at, etc... until you reach number 5. That person has to drink ;). He/she then calls for the next number and so on.

11. 007 *pang*
Someone starts the game with 공 'kong' (zero) and points at someone. That person says 공 again and points at someone. That person says 칠 'chil' (seven) and points at someone. The next one says 'pang' and points at someone. The person pointed at at that moment just doesn't move, since he's dead, but the 2 people besides him have to pull up their hands like if they would be in a stick-up and shout 'Ooh' (I'm not sure about what they shout, but they shout something). Then the person who died starts it off again. If someone does something wrong during the game, he has to drink and he can start the next round saying 공.

Extra information:
If a girl doesn't want to drink anymore, she can call for her '흑기사' (Black night) and if he wants, he can drink it for her, but he can ask her to do whatever he wants for it. Like a kiss on the cheek, a dance (*winks at noru ;). I so hope you read this.*), ... be creative ;)
If I understood correctly then there is also a 흑장미 (Black rose), which is what the guys would say if they want a girl to drink it for them.

I think if you just come up with a game which is easy to understand, but easy to make mistakes at it can become a drinking game. The other day I was at my favorite small eating place and while I was eating I was watching the tv and they were playing a drinking game too. I only saw a small part of it, but if I got it right, they were just asking small math calculations to each other and if you got it wrong you drink, so you can just do whatever you want with numbers and it's potentially a drinking game. It was funny when the guy asked 3 times 3? and the reply was '39?'

*** July 30th ***
12. Spin the bottle
Same as the american version, but instead of kissing you play sort of 'truth or dare' with the person that's been pointed at. For those who don't know, you spin an empty bottle and the person it points at can say truth or dare. The person that spun the bottle can then ask something (usually private stuff to make it more interesting), if the person doesn't want to answer to the question he/she has to drink. The one that had to do something can spin the bottle again.


  1. I'm surprised I know most of these games lol. Oh, and about old people being rude ;__; true stuff. I had the same thing happen to me with one ajumma. Actually I moved out of the way, basically flattened myself to the poster, but I guess she wanted to go by the poster i was standing at, so she walked right into me. Sweet. You do this in lithuania, and you'd prolly be bonked in the head lol

    But yeah, some are very nice. Once some elder woman bumped into us and apologized, we were actually surprised lol