Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20th


I missed the last lesson, due to a misunderstanding. My teacher got quite worried. She's a good teacher ^^, too bad school has to end :(.

Listening test went quite good. After that we studied again at a coffee shop, which there are loads of, but I do like the concept of studying at such places. It's quiet, but not too quiet, so you can ask something to the people, have coffee to keep you awake. We should bring this concept back home, since there the only place where you can study outside is the library (Or am I mistaken about this? Well nothing near my hometown anyway.)

I miss the meat in the meals, since you get A LOT of vegetables here with your meals and I finally ate some ketchup. Apparently you get ketchup with 새우볶음밥 (saeubokkeumbab) which is basically riced, egg and shrimps, small pieces of bacon and carrot (That's what was in mine anyway). I just put the ketchup on it, it didn't really taste better, but it's a habit from home. We put it on almost everything, so I couldn't help it.

Somehow the european dishes become more and more attractive. Like you just want to go to a pizzeria, eat a sandwich, ... I only saw fries at macdonalds and on a street vendor, whose fries looked like they came from macdonalds, so I haven't been able to eat some of those : (

Ow I forgot to mention (I think). If any of you ever come to Korea and rent a cellphone, ask for an iphone ;) It doesn't cost more to rent, but it's an iphone... You can go on the internet for free at a lot of places, so this is really useful. The subway map on it is much more useful as well. You can't use it with fake nails though (Not that I have some, I'm just saying you can't...). So if you don't want to have a regular cellphone, just ask for that one, if you do want one, never mind.

Anyway, back to studying.


  1. the iphone began working in Korea only this year i think. it couldn't operate back 2008, but once it was released there was a craze about it.

    haha. missing european food already? xD
    KETCHUP IS BAD. OKAY? And there are more sauces than that.