Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 25th


Today the mud festival ended after a week. I'm not explaining what it's about, just check the link in the last post, there is a video on it, which explains it all pretty well. I had a really great time at the beach and playing in the mud. Who wouldn't with this amazing weather, temperature, beach, atmosphere, all the people around, ... It's an annual event, so if you're in Korea around this time of year, you should check it out. It has a lot of side events too and you can always just watch the people play around in the mud. BUT bring sun cream or you will be looking like a tomato, just like me... This is gonna hurt a lot tomorrow ><

The event was at Daechon beach, which was about 2 hours from Seoul and you had to take 2 busses, costing about 10.000 won. It's even worth going there without the festival being held. There will be a lot less people around of course, but it's still a beach, it's still really hot in summer in Korea and the weather there is much better than it is in Seoul. I hate big cities for this. Up until now I only saw the moon twice and no star. I don't have a window and didn't even know it rained the other day, but still... I don't think you can ever see some stars here. Like in more big cities I guess.

Getting back was quite the hassle though. Remember to book your bus tickets really early, since the busses get full quite fast. We went back at around 18ish and the only bus available was the one at 21.50, so we were stuck at the second busstop for quite a while. Luckily there was a E-mart and cheap restaurant available to kill some time, but still... I don't understand why it was organized like this. You'd expect more busses, especially if there's an event like this. They also didn't speak English at all, so we were glad to have an Interpreter nearby. We made her happy by this too, since she could finally help someone out of trouble ^^. When we got back we had to take a taxi back home, since the subway was closed already because it was a sunday. But since there are like millions taxis in seoul, finding one wasn't difficult and prices are quite cheap too. It's actually quite fun to be in a taxi. For those who have played 'GTA'. At some point I felt like being in the game I have played for so long.

Anyway. Off to bed now, since I will see Agnes again tomorrow ^^

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  1. Haha. Seems like fun. And sunblock ow >< In Korea, they usually use +50SPF. I bet it guarantees a no-tan whatsoever lol.

    And yeah... no stars in Seoul. You don't really register that when you come back home and can see a whole constellation in Lithuanian capital 0.0'' but then again, I'm really slow lol.

    Seoul taxis <3 Gotta love the GPS right? xD And sometimes we would just take a cab for a ride at night over the Han River. Beautiful <3