Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22nd


Today was our final class and the ending ceremony. I passed with 92% (Speaking 18.5/20, Listening 16.5/20, Reading 18/20, Writing 19/20, Vocab & Grammar 20/20), which is ironic, since I always try to be a good listener... I didn't finish first in our class, so I didn't receive a special reward (I'm not too sad about this, since I didn't want to go on stage in front of everybody anyway). We took A LOT of pictures <_<. They should come on facebook one of these days, so you might be able to see some pictures after all ;). There was a big buffet and after that we went to norebang (karaoke room) with our class, which can be really entertaining ^^.

If you ever go to a karaoke room, with a group of girls/boys who know a lot of songs, be prepared to have a microphone shoved into your hands, so learn at least a song by heart, because they will force you to sing! They have Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English songs and really a lot of them, so you can basically learn any song by heart.

Ow, there is also this place where you can get 3 hours of unlimited makori (A Korean beer) for 3000 won. I didn't make it in time, but they will show me next time. If you go to such a place before you go to a karaoke, it gets a lot more fun. Well especially to watch, but I guess it becomes more fun to sing if you're a bit tipsy;).

Tomorrow will be my first day off, so I'm gonna sleep a long time... Don't expect me to have done something really crazy tomorrow. I might go to this mud festival, but I'm not sure. It's a festival where they play in the mud basically or that's what I made of the explanation. But it's good-for-your-skin mud, so it's good for your health ;) j/k

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