Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24th


I'm starting to love my bed too much. I wanted to go swimming today, but instead I just slept some more.

Anyway, after doing basically nothing all day, I went to the big bookstore at the 고속버스터미널 (*I forgot*-bus terminal). Yes my brain is really getting worse, or maybe it's because someone is rubbing it in <_<, but I forget a lot of things.. That's why she recommended the movie 'Memento' and 'A moment to remember' (Korean version), which are quite good movies. If you have some time you should watch them. The bookstore is not inside the department store, it's just outside it at floor B1, but I told you about it already. It's funny how the lady still remembered me from 3 weeks ago, because she asked where Agnes was.

Today I went to dance some salsa, which has really been a while. Apparently there are some good places in seoul according to I went to 'Macondo' near Hongik uni subway station. It was a small place, but really cozy and fun. It's really recommended to go there if you like dancing salsa. Entrance fee was only 7000 won and you got a free drink with that and free food all evening (I wasn't even surprised about this, but apparently this isn't every time, just only today). There were a lot of foreigners too, so language wasn't that big of an issue. But you're dancing anyway. They even taught us this movie in salsa, but that was way too difficult for me, so I just watched, which was quite interesting, especially since a lot of people got heels on their feet. So when the teacher got to the middle of the little lesson 1/3rd had quit already.

When you walk through subway stations at night, when the trains stopped riding, you always see some older people sleep in them (And some drunk people too. The other day I saw this middle aged really drunk bit fatter guy cross the street. But in the middle of the street there are this low fences, so he had a lot of trouble getting over them. But when I offered some help, he just got angry and started scolding. Why did I even bother trying <_<. I don't think he got run over though.). The subway stations are lit all day and it's really warm inside, since the air conditioner has been shut off by then, so quite good to sleep without pillow. At first I thought they were all just poor people, but I've heard about this from several people now that pensions have been cut down drastically by the current president, which makes it really hard to live for the common older person. That's why you see so many older people selling stuff on the street. It's not legal, but they allow it and you really see a lot of them, selling umbrellas, vegetables, tuna, ... At night you also see a lot of street vendors selling all sorts of food and drinks, which can be quite nice to be at at night, just talking. Too bad I don't have many people left to just talk with, since class ended and most left already.

Anyway. Off to bed now and get some sleep for the mud festival from tomorrow.
I'm glad yura told me about this before it ended, because it seems like a lot of fun. Too bad Pie isn't here though :(

I'm a big idiot btw.
Does anyone know how I can contact Biko? I gave him my cellphone number in Korea, but afterwards I bought a new cellphone and forgot to give him my new number before he came to korea. Does anyone know how to get in contact with him? I send a message on facebook already, but he hasn't replied yet..

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