Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23rd


As I said, I slept a long time. Finally. First time I ever felt not sleepy the entire day.

Apparently Koreans do sleep. When I was walking back home at 2-3pm-ish, there weren't that many people on the street. Only a few people drinking/eating at some street vendors and people getting home or eating at mcdonalds. They might all be clubbing though, since it was friday. I went to 홍대 area, which was so crowded tonight. This will get even worse next friday night, since that's the last friday of the month and Koreans consider that clubnight. So don't go on those nights (or do go on those nights ;) Depends on how you like to party.). If you are a foreigner you can get into clubs for free ;) So for those who are korean, but living abroad: Bring your passport! ^^. As far as I've heard, the 2 best places to go clubbing I know so far are 홍대(hongdae) and 강남 (gangnam) (This might be more expensive I think).

I walked over the river using the 서강대교 bridge, which goes over the small island, you can see in the movie 'Kim's island'. If you want a good place to watch over the river, this bridge are these kind of 'balconies' were you can have a good view on the river, especially at night. It's so quiet. When I got to 여의도 island it looked even better, because it had a lot of good spots looking over at the river, but it was getting quite late, so I had to get back. There was a big swimming pool to if you ever fancy some swimming ;). This island has a lot of celebrities, since a lot of broadcasting companies are located there. I should search for 박명수 (Park Myung Soo) one of these days, I might find him ^^. Who knows, maybe I find him in the middle of doing another episode of infinite challenge ^^ (This show is still on, isn't it?)

If you ever want to see a real go-match, between old wise men, you should walk 마포로 street. Even a taxi driver stopped there to watch the game ^^. I saw them playing a fierce game, but white prevailed at the end ^^. Again I saw these fitness equipment at the street, it's everywhere! I also saw a lot of people sleeping outside. I hope they were just drunk and not without home, but I've heard a lot about the president, not being all that good for the poor...

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