Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27th


Today I saw Biko again. Meeting some of your old friends makes such a difference. You speak your own language again, catch up about whatever has happened so far. You know how it is, it's great ^^.

If you ever go to myeongong you will see a big shopping street and 3 department stores, but if you go in either of those department stores it makes a world of difference. The first one, was quite a normal one (Or normal in Korea anyway, since we don't have much buildings like this in Belgium), but the other one creeped me out so much. When we went in, we didn't have to open the door ourselves, they opened them for us, bowing all the time we were walking through the door, like having your own personal butler. The previous one was filled with people, but this one was so empty you could hear a pin drop (I didn't test it though). It looked so nice and at every store there were 3 people waiting for a costumer to come in and help them. I didn't even dare to walk into any stores even because of that. We got to the top and saw this suit hanging for 1,049,000 won, so we were curious about the tshirt and sweaters, but when we touched them, someone came up to us asking what we are looking for so we didn't really got the opportunity.
Btw during this time of year there are sales going from 10-50%, so if you wanna go shopping in Seoul this would be a good moment to do so.

After getting out we met up with Angela to go to this Makorri river place where you pay 3000 won for 3 hours of makorri. Apparently it's really close to Sinchon subway station. There is actually a river btw, but this is only opened if you enter with a big group of people. Strange enough there weren't many people around (Except for this drunk english guy who is going to give me a call on friday. Why did I even give him my correct phonenumber. Aigo), but I guess it's because it was tuesday. If it were friday the place would probably be packed, since this friday is party friday anyway.


  1. Hi Peter,

    Commenting on the discounts in Korea - they last all year long even in the same shops. If you stay long enough, you will notice that :)

  2. Then why does it say '2010.07.23-2010.09.12' on all banners?