Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15th


I'm sorry that I'm so bad with names, because today again I don't know where I went to. So I went to *I'll fill it in later, if I know more about it* not that far from seoul, but I forgot how we went, I'm really getting way too tired these days. Anyway, this place really has a lot of nice cafes (Coffee shops) and one of them has Belgian waffles, but too be honest they only looked like them, they didn't really taste like them. Ours are quite better, sweeter and they put a lot of ice cream, fruit on it. We would only put some sugar on it or whip cream or something. I like that more though ^^.

I heard about a place with a kebab in it, so I should check that out too, I miss the stomach aches from going to a kebab late at night :( It's a place called Itaewon, quite known, especially for its foreign shops/restos/people, so I should check it out. Maybe I find some dutch speaking people there ;) Like I found a guy from the netherlands who will help me get a second hand phone tomorrow.

I dunno if I told you about the phone system here already. If I did, just skip this part, my memory is quite bad when I'm tired. Like I said, cellphones don't work here, because Koreans (Japanese and some Americans too) use CDMA instead of GSM, so the frequencies that are used are different, therefore our phones don't work with the system (I think not even japanese ones, because even they uses other frequencies). Also it's the phone that is registered, not the simcard (since they don't use them in general. Or that's what I've read/heard, because my cellphone seems to have one though... Maybe it's only for storage purposes, I'm not sure). So you would think to buy one, right? Especially if you stay for quite some time, but that's not possible, because you can only get a new phone with a korean passport/alien identification. Travellers don't have this of course, so they are left out when it comes to buying a new cellphone. But apparently you can buy a second handed one with just your passport and money (This is not illegal or anything, you can do this in shops too, you just have to ask for second handed ones).

Ow and I got mail from Geumgang. Apparently the course is 6 months, not 4. Not sure why, but since it's all payed for I'm not complaining. I haven't read the mail properly though, but it seems that way. I hope not to be bored during that period, because they say there isn't much to do around that place. A lot of people haven't even heard about it... It's in 논산시 (nonsan city), with the closest bigger city being 대전광역시, but I don't need much to have fun. I'm gonna miss the people at home though and probably some people I met/meet here.


  1. I am glad you got the chance to stay in there for a longer time!!^^ so till when are you staying there?;]

    and the first thing I open when I get home from a countryside is your blog, lol ;D since it is really enjoyable to read all your experiences ;]

  2. is all I can say :) live.Just live :)